The Event: Getting Ready for the New Earth


Question: Is there an Event that’s going to happen? If so, what will it be like?

Higher Self: Yes- think of it like the pre-shift, shift. Like prep for the big transition to the new Fifth Dimensional Earth vessel. Its not going to be scary there’s just going to be a lot of light, and when you’re already the light, you’ll know what to do. People who have activated their hearts, who are in a state of pure unconditional love, no judgment, victimhood, or blame, those people will have the most instantaneous and easy transition and time with this. Those who still have a lot to work out will feel pretty shell-shocked but will eventually make their way as soon as they trust the light. So work on trusting the light now and knowing and declaring yourself as the light: I am the light, the light I am.

How much light and mastery you embody will determine how you yourself will guide others into the Shift. But you have to know yourself as the light.

Question: Anything else?

Higher Self: You can’t even perceive it now. Just know that you are the light.