The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council: How To Work Through Physical Pain


Beloveds, here is an important transmission on how to work through physical pain from my channeling session with Daniel Scranton and the 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council. May it bring you peace.

QUESTION: How do we work through physical pain without fear or without feeling like we need Western medicine. It feels a little overwhelming and frustrating that at this point I'm still having issues with physical pain.

ANSWER: Yes physical pain is very challenging. And the first thing that you can always do is to make yourself as comfortable as you possibly can, so doing things that you know will minimize the physical pain.

If that means sitting or lying down or taking a bath for a long period then you can use that time first of all to just be present with it. In other words as much as you are attempting to minimize the sensation of the pain you also want to give it more of your attention than your thoughts about it. Your thoughts about it being: Why is this happening? What does this mean? Is this an indicator of something going very wrong with my physical body and do I need to see a doctor and should I take this pain medication or this pain medication? What should I do? All of those types of thoughts take you out of the experience of the pain.

But at times you just need to sit with it and recognize that in pain you are summoning energy in that moment. You are doing the summoning of the energy, your physical body is doing it as well, wanting to have the healing energy come that's going to serve you and your physical body.

So reminding yourself of that is helpful as you sit with the pain and allow it to be. It's much more important that you be present than that to figure out where it all started because in some cases pain is coming from past life trauma that you will probably not be accessing the memory of in that moment, but you might have it revealed to you later what the pain was about.

In the same way that you would want to breathe into your sadness, you want to breathe into the pain and recognize that it is a temporary experience. It is getting your attention first and foremost to put you in your physical body and in the present moment. Those are the positive aspects of being in pain- that you get both of those experiences. And then once you manage your pain, once you get through it, you will feel relief, you will feel that the energy that you have summoned has arrived, and then you can look to create the future experiences that you want to create for yourself with that energy. So you can use it to your advantage. As the pain summons that energy the energy comes, it not only heals the physical condition but it gives you that sense now that you have more energy to work with to create the reality that you want to create, so it's important for you to not think so much about it but instead to feel more into it and to accept it and let it be.